Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Missing My Daddy

So recently Jeff & I lost another member of our family. His grandpa died on March 1. We were saddened at the loss but know he is no longer suffering. He will be greatly missed. 

I think with the loss of Grandpa it has made me miss my dad even more. My dad died on April 1, 2005. I was Daddy's Girl and I miss him like crazy. I worry that my kids will grow up not knowing the fun of fishing (since this is something Jeff does not do) or the fun of walking in the woods. My dad would have had our children out in the woods all the time or on the boat. 

I am watching my nephews grow up, without Grandpa around. He would have loved those boys SO much and I wish he could be here to see them grow up. He would be so proud of both of them. 

I think about my dad on a daily basis, but sometimes I think about him even more and today was a day that I thought about him a lot. Not sure why as it is not any important day. I definitely missed him alot today, cried some tears, talked about him a lot, wishing he was still here with us. I wish he was here to give my mom a big hug to help adjust her back, I wish he was here to help my brother with all the things he needs help with at times, and I wish he was here to experience the joy we are going to have when we are finally adopting a child of our own. I wish he was here to see me graduate with a degree in something that I am actually interested in. 

My dad would be so proud of his children and grandchildren. I know that he is keeping an eye on us and taking care of the baby we lost so I have good thoughts about that. It just sucks that he was taken from us WAY too soon. 

Love you Daddy!

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  1. I have a feeling he's with you and watching you and sending love back to you all. XOXOXO. Holly